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Camper Water Hookup Instructions

We do it in this order because the cleaner water in the gray tank helps rinse out the hose. So close the valve for the black tank and open the gray. This is because the Travato uses a pump to empty the gray tank. So, make sure everything is still well connected. Go around to the back of the van. You can still see the clear elbow from this vantage point if you look under the van.

How To Properly Connect The RV City Water Inlet

Eventually, the flow will slow to a trickle and the noise from the pump will change noticeably. Stop holding the switch and walk around to the drain port. Be sure to close the gray tank valve. Connect the other end of the rinse hose to a water source. Most dump stations provide a connection for rinsing.

The Right Hose

Check to make sure everything is connected tightly. Turn on the water, then turn on the rinse attachment for a few seconds.

Disconnect the sewer accessories first, and put them in the orange box. The threaded black end should go in last.

Finally, dispose of your gloves. The last step is to grab a deodorizing tablet from the box above the toilet inside the van, and flush it with about 20 seconds of water.

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That will keep odors down now that the tank is empty, and help everything break down until next time you dump it. Done correctly, this is an easy, sanitary and relatively odorless process. And it really is just part of life with an RV, just like little plastic bags of poop are part of life with a dog.

Also published on Medium. I am so confused on what or how to do. I have some money stached,but not alot. Can any one tell me which way to go. Hi Linda, you may want to look into a portable unit like this one this one.

How to Connect an RV to Full Hookups

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Many campgrounds have fresh water hookups at each site. Then, simply take your hose and plug it into the city water hookup on your RV.


Always use a certified potable water hose. You can easily keep your hoses organized by noting that the certified water hose is white in color. A simple garden hose will not work when you are hooking up to water. Now, just turn on the city water and you are good to go! We also suggest examining the whole line to make sure that there are no leaks.

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  • Find out how much money you can make renting your RV Click Here. If you have a sewer support system, set it up now allowing a slight slope from the RV to the sewer connection. Turn the supply of LPG on at the valve of the tank or bottle. Ensure that your water heater bypass is not on bypass mode and that the heater tank is full of water. Your heater probably has electric mode which helps you save LPG. If you intend to stay at the campground for a few days, you can open the gray water tank valve slightly.